Education Consultants in Kochi

The thought of moving abroad can be highly overwhelming and seem lengthy to the aspirants. The steps can involve understanding different study destinations, shortlisting universities, preparing for exams, etc. With the difficulties come countless opportunities to design their way of life. As international students, their priorities are different. PR assesses each of the profiles separately and gives the best services to the clients. As a consequence, PR Education has emerged as a top education consultant in Kochi. We are delighted to inform you that we have our operational office in Kochi. The city has a fascinating past, and the streets of Kochi still reflect the many communities and old-world elegance of those who have lived there. It is also a developing metropolis in India, with skyscrapers, theaters, shopping centers, and a flurry of activity.

More than thousands of clients have successfully received advice from our experts on travel, Australian PR, and visas. Our clients can effectively accomplish their futuristic goals with the help of our professional counseling and point-by-point advice. A variety of services are offered by Kerala immigration consultants to aid in studying, immigrating, and traveling overseas. The procedures for filing and submitting additional visa applications can be drawn out and challenging to keep track of. As the best metropolitan area, Kochi attracts individuals who want to realize their dreams of moving overseas and achieving their ambitious objectives.

Immigration and Education Consultants

PR Education Solution is a reputable and top education consultant in Kochi. Its head office is in Sydney, Australia, and it has branches throughout India. To serve our clients, the agency has obtained MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) certification and authorization.

The difference between education and an immigration consultant has a thin line. The education consultant can be very different from a migration consultant. But if a migration agent becomes an educational agent/consultant he/she would be able to deliver a good amount of services to the clients. PR Education demonstrates a high-profile services catalog dealing in both education consultancy and migration consultancy. As a result, we have more than thousands of satisfied clients across the border. PR Education has surfaced as a leading education consultant in Kochi, Kerala.

Role of Education Consultant 

Understanding a student's profile: The role of the best education consultant in Kochi is to understand a student's past academic performance, work experiences, strengths, weaknesses, skills, and competency. The students express their willingness, wish, and desired options for study destination. They both come to a common decision and choose their study destination accordingly.

Shortlisting study destination: It is one of the most important steps in the journey of moving abroad. The decision to choose a study destination comes with students' available sources such as cost of living, tuition fees, English proficiency test, ranking of the universities, transportation expenses, and weather suitability. For instance: some of the students prefer the UK due to the highly-ranked universities whereas some students prefer Australia due to the affordable cost of living and reputed universities. The education consultants in Kochi help you familiarize yourself and choose study destinations carefully.

Preparing admission toolkit: Each university has different criteria for admissions. The next step that is followed by the education consultant is preparing the necessary documents. The documents include academic transcripts, letter of experience, internship experience letter, IELTS or any other English Proficiency exam score, etc. Students need to collect these documents before applying to universities. The education consultant lets you know these documents in advance so that students can prepare them beforehand. PR Education is effective and efficient in providing these services and has become the best education consultant in Kochi.

Exam preparations (IELTS, PTE, GMAT, GRE): As an international student, one needs to provide evidence that one can communicate in English well enough to sustain the linguistic barrier outside the home country. For this, students prepare for English proficiency exams. Most of the education consultants in Kochi offer to tutor the students and prepare them for these exams.

Receiving admission letter: The education consultant can not only help you with the collection of documents but they can help you to apply to several universities and colleges that meet your future goals. They can help you avail your offer letter. 

Processing visa: This is where the role of an education consultant and a migration consultant merges, the education consultant in Kochi can help you to apply for a visa. The category would depend on the purpose for which the student is moving abroad. The students who are going for study purposes can apply for a Student Visa subclass 500.

Facilitating post-arrival services: Students frequently experience anxiety and fear of the foreign environment. We can understand their trepidation and worry. Thus, as we already have our head office established in Sydney, Australia, we offer students post-arrival services and aid connected to the housing and correct guidance for living, other amenities, and part-time jobs.

Assisting with PR services: PR education doesn’t confine one’s role only as the best education consultant in Kochi but expands the role beyond that. Students who complete their coursework overseas want to move abroad to live, but there isn't enough support accessible there. Students are given support and help through PR education.

Australia is more inexpensive than most other study abroad locations and offers a high degree of quality education, great living conditions, and a multicultural society while still being more expensive than most other study abroad destinations. Indian students are given a CRICOS code for their study in Australia, indicating that it is internationally recognized. By offering shorter and more intensive courses. If you've chosen to pursue a master's degree in Australia, the program lasts between 1.5 and 2 years, and a 12+3 degree from India is also acceptable. PR welcomes aspirants to the Kochi office for free counseling, education consultancy, and other admission processes. Students can freely approach us and understand their profile concerning their study destination.