Motor mechanics specialise in repairing, maintaining, and testing different kinds of vehicles. The Automotive Technician occupation (number ANZSCO 321211) covers a broad range of skills that enable you to diagnose and repair problems with lightweight vehicles.

There has been a significant increase in demand for skilled technicians in the automotive industry over the last five years. Students who are curious about electrical and mechanical systems and want to gain a full understanding of their end-to-end functioning should consider automobile courses. Automobile technicians earn an average of $1450 per week and skilled candidates have a variety of visa options. Technically skilled and experienced individuals in this sector can also establish themselves as self-employed.

Ocean of Career opportunities

In the last five years, employment rates have risen for motor mechanics, and the trend is expected to continue. Automobile mechanics have tremendous opportunity as technology revolutionizes their industry. An increase in computer-based electronics can add an extra dimension to the role, which can attract the right candidate. Electric vehicles become more prevalent as more manufacturers adopt them. This increases the demand for electric mechanics skilled in repairing them. In the future, those who are quick to adopt new technologies will enjoy good job security and may be able to specialize.

Where to study in order to become a mechanic?

A TAFE institute is the best place to earn your Australian qualifications. Listed below are TAFEs offering AQF Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology:

  • Menzies Institute of Technology
  • Melbourne Polytechnic
  • Gordon Institute of TAFE
  • Kangan Institute
  • TAFE Victoria, Box Hill Institute
  • Holmesglen Institute of TAFE
  • Baxter Institute
  • Chisholm Institute of TAFE

With work placement, the course lasts one to two years. Apprenticeships within Australia are not available to international students. It is necessary to have a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 to be able to apply for this course. Although eligibility criteria vary by school, prospective students are also required to have completed secondary school to a year 12 level.

Working Visas for a motor mechanic

Once you have qualified and completed on the job training, you can apply for a range of visas:

494 Provisional Visa, Regional skilled employer sponsored:
Regional employers can hire workers to fill gaps in the workforce. The visa enables you to stay and work for five years in a particular area of Australia. It entitles you to permanent residency after three years. Under 45 years of age and skilled in the region's relevant occupations are prerequisites. 189 Permanent Visa, Skilled independent:
The Australian government must invite applicants to apply for this points-tested permanent visa. The occupation you wish to pursue must be on the skilled occupation list, and you will need to complete a skills assessment. Once you have submitted an Expression of Interest in SkillSelect, you will need to wait for an invitation in order to apply. 491 Provisional Visa, Regional skilled work:
(QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, NT, TAS and ACT.) This temporary visa allows you to live and work in a specific region of Australia for up to five years. A region with these skills shortages must be identified. After submitting your skills assessment, you can express your interest in the career via SkillSelect. If you are eligible, the local government will let you know, and then you can apply. 190 Permanent Visa, State sponsored:
(QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, NT, TAS and ACT) Permanently living and working in a specific region of Australia is possible with this visa. Identify a region where this visa is on their list of skills shortages. After completing a skills assessment, you may express your interest in the career through SkillSelect. If you are eligible, the local government will let you know, and then you can apply. 482 Temporary Visa, TSS-MLTSSL:
Up to four years can be spent living and working in Australia with this temporary visa. After completing relevant training and a skills assessment, you need to be nominated by a sponsor. To receive a sponsorship, you must find a job and be successful in obtaining it, as well as register your future employer as your sponsor. Only then can you apply for a visa.


Following are the courses to study in Automotive:

  • Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology
  • Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology
  • Diploma of Automotive Technology
  • Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis
  • Certificate IV in Automotive Electrical

Salary expectations for an automotive mechanic in Australia

It is estimated that a qualified mechanic earns around $1,450 a week on average. As the position becomes more experienced, wages will increase. Specialization is also an option, focusing on a particular type of vehicle or repair. Those who specialise earn more.

Relevant occupations for automotive mechanics

The following career choices might be suitable if you wish to apply for PR:

  • Motor mechanic (general) automotive light mechanic
  • Roadside mechanic
  • Brake mechanic
  • Automatic transmission mechanic
  • Automatic air-conditioning mechanic
  • Diesel motor mechanic
  • Small engine mechanic
  • Motorcycle mechanic

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