Business Courses in Australia

Australia is the ideal place to study business if you are considering studying abroad. International students in Australia select business administration and management as one of the most popular majors, which makes sense given the number of benefits available for overseas business students in Australia.

Why study Business in Australia?

Students from abroad can study at universities in Australia which offer internationally acknowledged and valued qualifications. Students from all over the world who pursue degrees in business from a reputable Australian university are better prepared for careers in management.

Besides a great educational experience, studying in Australia offers the chance to build a global network and gain work experience with top firms around the world. Australian cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne offer some of the greatest opportunities for students, and the country is home to many multinational companies as well as start-ups and NGOs (Non-governmental Organizations).

It's imperative to consider factors such as the course you want to study, the lifestyle you desire and the outcomes you want to achieve when planning where to study business. It is beneficial to study in Australia for the prospect of obtaining postgraduate visas, as well as job opportunities.

Listed below are the reason why you’ll be tempted to choose Australia as your ultimate study destination:

1. Multiple courses and specialisations
In Australia, you can study a large variety of business qualifications at a number of different institutions across the country, from bachelor's degrees to the prestigious master's degree in business administration (MBA). What's the hardest part is electing which one's for you! The range of specialisations available ranges from accounting, banking, business informatics, economics, finance, logistics, human resource management, marketing, and management, to new fields like sports management and hospitality. As part of the Vocational Education & Training sector, practical courses are also offered in accounting, bookkeeping, and business as well as a pathway to university.

2. Future Career prospects
Australian business qualifications are designed to enable you to enter a range of different careers in a variety of businesses due to the wide range of specializations available. As a result of their strong focus on developing skills employers value - leadership skills, ethics, global views, and independent thinking - you'll be well prepared to move up the career ladder no matter where you are. A 201 report by The Good Universities Guide, finds that recent business and management graduates in postgraduate levels earn one of the highest salaries of any field with an average salary of AUD$97,295.

3. Ocean of employment opportunities
Australia's academic institutions provide business students with a wide range of industry experiences to ensure that they are prepared for the job market. There might be opportunities for you to complete an international study tour where you see how other countries' businesses operate, or perhaps complete an internship in a major Australian company to make business contacts and apply your knowledge in the work place, or perhaps complete an industry project where you work with your classmates on projects for real Australian companies.

4. Global focus
Today's business environment is becoming increasingly global, and graduates with Australian business qualifications can think globally, combining Eastern and Western approaches to management and business. The multicultural nature of Australia means that you will study alongside students from a variety of different cultures, bringing a broad perspective to your studies. The courses you take will also be recognized internationally with many of them receiving accreditation from prestigious bodies such as the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, making it possible for you to find work anywhere in the world.

5. Migration opportunities
You can choose to work overseas or stay in Australia if you are an international graduate. Students can gain skilled work experience in Australia through

a. Post-study work visas
b. Skilled - Graduate (Temporary) Visas,
c. the Employer Nomination Scheme
d. Regional Sponsored Migration Schemes.

In addition, skilled migrants with in-demand skills (such as accountants, actuaries, and business systems analysts) can apply for permanent residency in Canada through the SkillSelect skilled immigration program. In addition, international students who hold a degree in accounting or business information systems may be able to apply for a Professional Year Program, which provides work experience with an Australian company and greater chances of obtaining a permanent residency.


It’s vital to understand the value of degree you choose to pursue in Australia and how they differ from each other. Compared to vocational education, higher education has a very different educational foundation. A bachelor's degree is primarily focused on theoretical learning, research, and discussion while a vocational certificate or diploma focuses more on skills training. In addition, vocational college education is typically cheaper and takes less time than schooling at a university. You'll be able to earn your diploma in about a year, but you'll need three to four years to earn your bachelor's degree. Unlike a diploma, which offers you a pass/fail test on skills, a bachelor's degree provides you with a deep understanding of subjects such as business administration, organizational behaviour, and accounting. After completing your bachelor's degree, you will have two years of post-study work rights, meaning that you can live and work in Australia for the next two years. The ability to obtain a permanent residency (PR) in a regional area is also a huge benefit to studying business.