Education Consultant in Parramatta

Education Consultant in Parramatta, New South Wales

PR Education Pty Ltd is a leading education consultant in Parramatta. We are a group of experienced and dedicated experts that are able to comprehend the career aspirations of our clients and provide them with the highest-quality suggestions and advice for achieving those aspirations. In the past, we have emerged as the top student visa advisors in Parramatta thanks to our best-in-class service quality and sincere work ethic. We believe that Australia has its own charm when it comes to being the most popular study destination for international students. It is ranked in the third position, after the UK and the USA. The country has successfully provided students with highly ranked universities and reputed faculty members. With the help of post-study work visas, international students are able to find jobs with ease. There are multiple pathways of employment in Australia in the form of internships, apprenticeships, part-time work, and many more. It also provides life-altering opportunities to international students with diverse courses to study.

International students often get confused when it comes to getting guidance onshore. In such cases, international students can approach an education consultancy. PR Education Pty Ltd was established in 2015 with the objective of delivering students with qualitative education planning in the best possible ways. We are qualified as a Migration agent by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). PR Education Pty Ltd is an education agent in Parramatta, Sydney, Australia.

What are the Roles of Education Consultant in Parramatta?

PR Education Solution has an affluent impact on its clients as the organization has offered services ranging from student visas to permanent residency. The education consultant in Parramatta can help in the following sectors:

  • Travel: Clients who want a hassle-free process and who plan to travel overseas can use our services for document collection, document shortlisting, etc. In Parramatta, PR Education Pty Ltd has identified the top immigration experts who can assist with any type of trip. The immigration expert also aids in determining the category of visa that must be applied for.
  • Migration: The clients who intend to gain citizenship in Australia need to know the criteria about prerequisites pertaining to their profile, including details about their age, abilities, educational background, employment history, and points allotment. For instance, Australia awards 10 extra points to people who get a diploma, while regional residents receive an additional 20 points. The immigration consultant assists aspirants in assessing their profile in light of their information and prior conduct.
  • Education: PR Education also assists students to avail of student visas (at the later stages) and provides end-to-end services related to profile evaluation, admission process, and extension of the visas.

What are the services provided by an education agent in Parramatta?

Students can get the following services from the education consultant in Parramatta:

  • Career Counseling: Clients, including students, are given the right direction for their future. Personalized profiling, pertinent coursework, financial needs, and promising futures are a few of the important considerations in picking a vocation. We, as counselors, thoroughly examine each student's profile before making recommendations.
  • Profile Assessment: We start to recognize new clients with our aid and service as soon as they join us. Their profile will be meticulously examined by our team of professionals, who will then produce a precise report explaining the stream that goes along with it.
  • Education Planning: We are one of the leading education agent in Parramatta. We assist our clients with multidirectional guidance, which includes access to experts who have industrial knowledge about education, prospects of a degree, job descriptions, and many more. We also believe in fulfilling the needs of our students by evaluating their profiles according to their work experience and past academic records and bridging them with future prospects. Besides, by understanding one’s profile, we help our clients to pursue higher education in the future, given their qualifications.
  • Guidance for PR: Each and every country has different criteria for permanent residency. Australia has different requirements for citizenship. Whether it is about professionals or international students, they do need to understand the structure and allotment of points in PR. We help our clients to analyze their profiles on the basis of the PR structure provided by the Australian government.
  • Visa Services: In Parramatta, PR Education Pty Ltd offers services as the top education consultant in Parramatta. The candidates can renew their visas or extend their visas depending on future requirements. There are numerous visa categories for immigrants, international students, and other groups that make it easier for people to relocate abroad. For example, when applying for a Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482), an individual can stay for up to two years depending on the type of profession. In contrast, when applying for a student visa (subclass 500), students who are registered with an Australian university can stay for up to five years.
  • Availing Scholarships: The Australian government invests a good amount of funding in the education of international students. Each sector has different amounts allocated to each field (e.g., sciences, social sciences, IT, medical, etc.). Students can avail themselves of up to 35% of scholarships. The amount can also vary according to the level of education, i.e., graduation or post-graduation or research programs, or a doctorate. PR Educations Pty Ltd supports students in identifying the type of scholarship they can get and the number of scholarships they can get.

The prospects for exposure on a worldwide scale are limitless, and PR, the top education consultant in Parramatta, Sydney, Australia, will assist you in processing your application in a transparent and accurate manner. The immigration procedure differs depending on the kind of country to which one wants to go. We will make the immigration procedure simple and quick by comprehending the applicant's intent, profile status, and relevant immigration eligibility. For foreigners who desire to settle in Australia, we offer help with work visas, student visas, temporary visas, permanent residence, and visiting visas. Our networks reach across all borders in order to help our clients.