Australia is a preferred study destination for students all over the world especially India. What makes study in Australia desirable for Indian students is the qualitative education, wide range of courses to opt from, work opportunities, secure environment and multi-cultural society etc. Various scholarship awards, safe and diverse environment and world’s one of most beautiful sceneries is why Australia is a world-wide international student friendly nation. It’s fascinating how the percentage of Indian students who enrolled in Australian universities climbed to 123% in 2019 from 2015-16.

One of the factors contributing to this vast shift of Indian students choosing Australia as a desired destination to study abroad is the hospitable and open-minded people in Australia and the government’s endless efforts to make it one of the best educational hubs for international students. And it seems to prosper more and more in the future.

Despite all the perks and rumours however, deciding to study abroad and choosing a country is a difficult decision. It is necessary is to keep track of the number of courses such as Engineering, Business & Management, Health & Science, Architecture & Arts, IT, Hospitality & Tourism and also all the necessary information and confirmation required in finalising a country. Looking for your dream country? The following reasons will convince you as to why Indian students prefer Australian study and why it is the country for you too.


Australia is one of the largest hubs for international students because of the excellent quality of education they provide in their universities. It has eight out of top 100 universities in the world according to latest QS World Rankings which offer wide range of courses like business and management, health and science, architecture and arts, hospitality and tourism and engineering and more, that are constantly updated by industry leaders to ensure the expansion of opportunities and knowledge of students.

Globally Recognized Degrees

The degrees attained from Australian Universities are recognized throughout the world. Graduates from Australia are hugely successful in finding jobs and other employment prospects after the completion of their studies.

Strong Global Research Opportunity

Universities in Australia offer strong global education and research opportunities in fields like social sciences, education, and science. Australia, having achieved important inventions worldwide such as penicillin, Wi-Fi, has a historical experience in research and innovation. Education institutions not only guarantees qualitative experience in all the training students receive but also creates a series of new projects to provide employment opportunities in the country which results in negligible unemployment and increase productivity.

Government funded scholarships

Study in Australia is made easier by the government as it offers more than 3000 scholarship awards like AAS (Australia awards scholarship for Bachelors, Master and PhD). It invests more than A$300 million each year for international students.

Part time jobs

Australia’s safe environment creates happy working lifestyle for students. They are allowed to work part time i.e., 20 hours per week (may vary to the level of education one is pursing) and can also meet their part of tuition fee. This not only gives them the opportunity to earn money, but it also gives them hands experience and a chance to meet a variety of people.

Discover a New Culture and People

Everyone loves diversity because it welcomes every culture amiably. If you want to be a part of a unique culture and hospitable people, then Australia is one of the rarest countries in the world with a population of nearly 24 million today. With 30% of the immigrants living in Australia, it increases the cultural diversity of the country and offers a welcoming environment for international students who come to the new country in the hope of making a place for themselves. Australian receives it’s immigrants mostly from European countries such as England, Germany, Italy, and Asian countries such as China, India, the Philippines which has further enhanced the cultural diversity of indigenous people.

World-class quality education, safe and secure environment and favourable immigration policies have contributed to the decisions of Indian students to pursue their education from Australia. Various initiatives by the Australian government to make education in Australia for International students easier and relaxed visa rules for international students, has resulted in the number of Indian students to choose Australia as their destined country. touching a record high. These facts are confirmed by the high commission of Australia, New Delhi. The optimistic approach and efforts of the Australian government towards international students is one of the reasons why Australia has become one of the favourite study destinations for students all over the world especially from South Asian countries like India.

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